HTC One S set to launch for T-Mobile on April 25th



I did not expect T-Mobile to launch the HTC One S until at least may. Looks like my thoughts on the subject have been squashed. A few new screennshot leaks acquired by Tmonews, shows the device launch date set April 25th. I know more than a few people who are eager waiting for this device to finally become available. With that brilliant 4.3-inch screen, the faster than belief dual-core Qualcomm S4 processor and of course Ice Cream Sandwich with Sense 4.0.

I know David from the ManDroid Show will be sitting outside his local T-Mobile store that morning. Anyone else out there already planning to take the morning off?

Via Tmonews

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  • http://androidspin androideyez

    I like this phones form factor and hardware but hate that sense hides all the beautiful GUI from stock ICS anyone else agree? Besides that this is a great addition to T-Mobile

  • david smith

    Then just get the gnex and never look back… Htc ain’t changing no time soon…

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