Last week we had a chance to show you a brief look at a new Android 4.0 tablet coming to market that had relatively decent specs for a price point that many can handle.The My Tablet, by a new company called Xtex, is now available for order. As mentioned by our source, the specs were bumped up in most areas and slightly down in another. The tablet still sticks with a 7-inch 800 X 480 display running the much-loved stock ICS Android 4.0 UI. The RAM was boosted to 1GB and the internal memory is 16GB. That should make it a little more appealing to many of you that voiced your concerns over the previous RAM and memory spec’s.

The processor is confirmed to be labeled as 1.5Ghz but was opted to be clocked at 1Ghz for battery savings and longevity. The My Tablet is available in white, black and pink. Catering to all genres, including our wives and girlfriends. In addition to the color options you have a few decisions to make at the time of purchase. The tablet comes standard with a 1 year warranty, but you can purchase another year for $19.99 or an additional 2 year for $34.95. They are also offering a variety of memory cards at the time of purchase to give everything you could need in one order. If you opt for a tablet, 2 extra years of warranty and a 32GB card you will only be spending $214.93. That’s a pretty great price for a lot of extra. You can always just pick the tablet up as is for $149.99 + shipping.

If you are interested in being among the first to snag up one of these tablets, head to now.


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    Awesome. Been waiting for tablets like these to pop up.