The Samsung Galaxy Note is obviously no slouch when it comes to screen real estate, but when it comes to carrier real estate, it’s been slacking. However, that all looks to change, as the behemoth-handset could possibly be making its way toward T-Mobile in the very near future.

TMoNews has uncovered a few documents related to this discovery, and says that the Galaxy Note could very likely be making its way toward T-Mobile soon. Here are their reasons:

  • The model (SGH-T879) was initially claimed to be a variant of the SGH-i717, the AT&T Galaxy Note, in the Bluetooth SIG and WiFi Alliance documents. This has however been removed.
  • Although the SGH-T8x9 is normally reserved for tablets, the Bluetooth documents call the device a phone. It’s a grey area, but explicitly detailing it as a phone makes me lean towards the Note, too.
  • The user agent is similar to that from the AT&T Galaxy Note.
  • The model number SGH-Txx9 are used by T-Mobile’s Samsung devices.

No matter or not you love or hate the Galaxy Note, its nice to see variety coming to the nation’s 4th largest carrier. Now, I wonder how Carly would market this product. Could she even hold it in her hand?

Source: TMoNews

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    This is great news to bad I just bought the white gs2!!