Well it looks like it is confirmed. There was a rumor that the Samsung Galaxy Note just might be coming to T-Mobile, which probably made some of you Tmo users excited. Now it is time to jump for joy. Seems that the Note was spotted posing for pictures sporting the T-Mobile brand on its head. Not only is there the brand, but a lot of T-Mobile apps appear in the app drawer as well. T-Mobile TV, T-Mobile Name ID, T-Mobile Mall, and My T-Mobile, appear in the pictures below so if that does not confirm it I do not know what will.

So my T-Mobile friends; which of you are going to plan on getting the Note?

Source: TmoNews

  • Echike

    I’ll definitively get it because my contract expires is June.. I’ve personally been wanting the phone for quite a while now, Unless if the Galaxy 3 turns out to be even better but I doubt it so this looks like a gorgeous winner. I love the screen!