The never ended yearly Nexus device trend is still in high gears since the release of the HTC nexus One. Shortly after the most recent Nexus device is unveiled, showcased and starts to sell Google gets back to deciding who will make next years device. The move to Samsung for the Nexus S wasn’t an extremely popular idea at the time of the announcement. The rumor started floating around that same year about Motorola possibly being the next candidate, but that didn’t turn out to be true since we know the Galaxy Nexus is another Samsung device. HTC doesn’t seem to be all that interested at the moment, thye have their latest flagship device to worry about and the reported partnership to produce the Facebook phone.

I personally have no issues with Samsung. I own a Galaxy S and it has been the best phone I have ever personally used. With such an amazing track record for sales and high-profile devices it only seems fit that Samsung continues it dominance in the Android world and brings the 4th Nexus to consumers. According to Digitimes, Samsung has won the contract for the third straight year.

”Since Samsung has become the top vendor of Android smartphones, Google will continue to have Samsung develop its next-generation Nexus models, leveraging Samsung’s innovation ability with regard to the Android platform, and its ability to control the supply of key components.”

We will know plenty more about the next Nexus after the upcoming Unpacked event scheduled for May 3rd. That is of course the date set to finally unveil the Galaxy S III and the device we fully expect Samsung to build from for the next Nexus device. In usual fashion the new Nexus, what ever it maybe called, should have quite the show for us sometime in Q4. I just hope that Samsung and Google can iron out deals with all carriers and make it a national launch like the SGSIII is said to be. This exclusive carrier crap is slightly annoying.

What do you guys think? If this is indeed correct, do you have an issues with Samsung continuing to produce the true Google experience devices?

Source: Digitimes

  • bobspelledbackwards

    I personally don’t. My GSM Samsung Galaxy Sexus is the best phone I’ve ever had to date, and I have had a lot. Android 4.0 is awesome. Of course I would buy it even if HTC made it at this point. Wouldn’t mind also seeing a Razor version of the new future Nexus with plain Android 5.0 Jelly Bean. I also think that Google had no choice but to go with Samsung or whoever because it would look really weird the first time out as Googerola, they went with Motorola the company that they happen to own. That wouldn’t help ease any fears with the other Android phone manufactures. Smart move to me.

  • FILA

    come on mannn, thats why i wouldnt buy the damn Galaxy Nexus now, I hate sammy, thou its tempting on T-Mobile now, and that Note looks awfully sexy and then the S3 coming out, its gettin harder to push samsung away, just hate their track record of being the shitiest phones. Damn it HTC and T-Mobile

  • Jan

    For me, HTC is still my favorite manufacturer even though I own a sgs2 (there was no other choice at that time) but I think Asus would make a great nexus candidate since they made huge efforts toward android and have proven themselves to be reliable with updates. On the other hand a sony nexus would be reasonable. They support the devs with source and libs, release betas and have high build quality…

  • davey0728

    Ever since my G1 I’ve always thought HTC waas the best choice for Google/Nexus flagship phones BUT Samsung proved me wrong with the Nexus S which I currently have running ICS and I love it. I’ve had my Nexus S for about a year now and like all TRUE technology lovers eventhough I’m running the NEWEST Android version on my Nexus S I feel like I’m behind the times so not even 30 mins ago I just ordered my brand NEW Samsung Galaxy Nexus and I couldn’t be more excited!!!! I know it’s very similar to my Nexus S OS wise but the bigger screen, new form factor and FACE UNLOCK was enough ot get me to make the switch and for $400 FLAT for an unlocked, no contract Google flagship phone you can’t beat that with a stick. I can’t wait to experience my 1st dual-core phone and also my 1st 4G(HSPA+) phone. I bet ICS is gonna be even more buttery smooth on the Galaxy Nexus and now I have a Nexus S as a back up handset. I’m good to go BUT I am going to throw this out there just for $hits & giggles: Does anyone think there is a BETTER T-Mobile handset out now or coming out soon that I should pick up instead of the Galaxy Nexus? I know all abut the HTC One V,S,X and I’m really not impressed but if anyone has anything other than the new HTC’s please respond and let me know. My Galaxy Nexus is on the way so if I find something better I can turn right around and return it. Thanks Fandroids!

    • Stormy Beach

      The only thing I can think that would beat it is if the Galaxy S III makes it to T-Mobile.. But only if they can keep the quad-core chip in it. If not then it will just be a Senseless, touchwized up HTC One with a bigger screen a few little perks. I will probably still buy the SGSIII even if it goes Qualcomm S 4, only if there is a removable battery at the vey least, but an SD card will help the decision.

      • davey0728

        Ya know what, thank you cause you’re absolutly right! T-Mobile is a GREAT carrier but in regards to high-end or flagship phones they always seem to fall short. I think the last “Big News” phone TMO got was the G1?!?!? Well, there might have been 1 or 2 after that but with all the MyTouches they released I get confused sometimes. Thanks Stormy, now I’m even more excited about my Galaxy Nexus and I know I can keep it relevant for at least 2-3 years. I’ll be eatting Jelly Beans in no time!