I can think of more than a few people who have been counting down the days to the official launch of the HTC One S. Today is that day and it looks like T-Mobile is really trying to get it in the hands of their customers or soon to be customers. Not just the One S but any of their 4G devices really. They are offering a trade in offer to take your out date smartphone off your hands and give you $100 back for it. If you happen to be an iPhone users and looking to make the switch, T-Mobile will offer you $200 back for those too. This is extended to current and new customers and they are excepting Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phones and Symbian 9.0+ devices. Not a terrible way to get a little something for any devices you maybe ready to get rid of or have lying around.

There is a catch though, isn’t there always?? In order to get your cash you will have to send in for it. Much like a rebate and it can take up to 60 days to get your pre-paid visa card in the mail. On the bright side of things, the HTC One S is has just launched today. If you trade in an iPhone you can essentially end up with a One S for free. It isn’t a bad way to get something new and save some cash in the process.

I doubt they will let you take two or three devices in and trade them off though. We expect it to be one trade-in per line per new device. Anyone out there gonna be making a bee line for the T-Mobile store after work to snag up a new device and partake in the trade-in offer? I know David is going to do it.

Source: Android and Me

  • FILA

    if only this was for the old whats it called Plus plans, forgot the name,