I know what you are thinking. Not another stupid pictured of the “supposed” Samsung Galaxy S III that is going to tease us yet again. Well, I guess that is kind of what this image is about. But at least this time we can somewhat confirm that it will be rocking a 4.8 inch display. The image above was given to Know Your Mobile by an anonymous tipster that shows the Galaxy S III next to a ruler. Now I guess just by using their eyeballs, or maybe holding up a ruler to the computer screen, the boys at Know Your Mobile determined that the Galaxy S III will be rocking a 4.8 inch display. Let us know you guys think.

Source: Know Your Mobile

  • MikeGoff

    I’m gonna say its closer to 4.5″. The screen size wont include the portion including the Samsung logo.

  • Marko

    Aren’t screens measured diagonally?

    • D

      Yes they are, so its going to be bigger than the vertical length of the phone against the ruler