There are a lot of different portable speakers out there that you can connect to your device through bluetooth and rock out to all your music. Sometimes though, this speakers can be a eye-sores, and sound quality is not the best. But what we have here is a bluetooth speaker that has a lot of bark for its small statue.

Many of you have probably already heard about the Mighty Dwarf speaker. The first version that came out definitely brought out the WOW factor with the 360 degree sound quality that came out of this cylinder shaped speaker. Only one problem I thought, not to pretty looking. In my opinion, the original Mighty Dwarfs were not exactly eye catchers. with that though, they still sounded truly amazing. The technology utilizing the use of vibration on any surface to amplify the music coming out of it, was truly a breakthrough in speaker innovation. Now with the newly designed Blue II version of the Mighty Dwarf, things just got a whole lot prettier.

Package Contents

  • USB/auxiliary cable
  • Mighty Dwarf Speaker


How it Works

The mighty Dwarf Blue II  works just the same as the previous version, and like any other bluetooth device does. I found the best way to get it going was to turn on the bluetooth on my phone, hold down the power button until it comes on and then makes a certain noise to indicate connection, connect it to my phone, and then rock out. You also have a choice to utilize the auxiliary cable by placing it into the head phone jack. After that, just enjoy the crisp sound of your music.

Another feature the Mighty Dwarf Blue II has is a sticky bottom that is covered by a sticker. Say you want to stick it on your dashboard, a table in a mobile home, or on a surface that is not quite flat; simply remove the sticker and place it down on the surface. The sticky surface hold fairly well. Make sure you keep that sticker around, because once you are done you are going to want me use your finger and some saliva to remove any dust that may have come off the surface you had it on, then stick that sticker back on. Kind of an interesting choice of just having a sticker. I would have preferred some sort of plastic cap that easily snaps back on to it.

The Good

There is so much good that I can say about this speaker. I am truly amazed how it uses the vibration  of the surface it is placed on to amplify the sound, turning that surface into a sound system. I love the new sleek blue and black design, and how portable it is. I have shown it off to many of my friends and they were all amazed by it and wondered where they can get one.

The Bad

I guess my only complaint about the Mighty Dwarf is that sticky bottom that is only covered by the removable sticker. That little sticker can easily be misplaced, not to mention if you do not place it on perfectly you can still get some dust on that sticky surface. Like I said above, I wish they put a removable plastic cap that could easily snap back into place completely covering the surface.


The Mighty Dwarf Blue II is truly an amazing product. I recommend anyone getting one. I think the most fun you will have with this speaker is showing it of to your friends because all my friends I showed it to were baffled on how awesome it sounded. With its new sleek design I can definitely see it making an impact in the market. Great product. Check out my video review below.

  • FILA

    is that bottom a sticker or like a reusable sticky side like those cell phone mounts, cant think of the name of, those green cell phone holders for your car. is it sticky like that? or you just get like 2 good sticks and your left with a fuzz ball bottom