As many of you know, I have been a big supporter of MIUI for a while. For a flash-a-holic like myself, MIUI was the only ROM that kept me happy for 8 months without feeling the need to change or update from the version that worked for me. All of that changed when Ice Cream Sandwich hit the scene though. No I change ROMs every couple of weeks and try new stuff. Not sure what it is about ICS that I love so much, but that love is there. However, I do miss the MIUI home look and feel. Primarily for the quick and easily changeable themes and lockscreens. If you feel like you are missing your best friend after going to ICS, you are in luck. XDA member ZACQ8 has the perfect solution that won’t compromise anything you are currently using.

He has, at least from what I can tell, has made the most recent MIUI launcher found on MIUI v4 available to any device running on ICS. It brings with it all the wonders of MIUI back to your device without sacrificing another flash hoping it works well this time. You will have access to all you themes that you may still have on your devices memory along with the lockscreens too. Giving you almost a double app in one. Changing out my lockscreen and theme was always my favorite part.

The launcher settings give you all the options to choose from 8 transition effects, wallpapers, icon shadows, lockscreen style and lockscreen wallpaper.

There is also a new addition to the launcher, an actual app drawer. The idea and implementation are pretty cool, but not my personal cup of tea. He explains how to activate it on the thread. In short, you press towards the top of the screen for just a few milliseconds and then drag down and viola, app drawer. It isn’t as pretty as the stock ICS look though, but serves its purpose if you want to kill off all the extra screens.

I just installed it myself on my Samsung Vibrant sporting ICS to make sure it indeed did work and it does. Quite well I might add. The only thing I am not 100% sure of is if my collection of old themes will apply correctly and work. I will definitely be checking into that shortly. If they don’t, well, you can always hit up the included selection of online themes and snag something new at your leisure. If you want to give it a test run for yourself, head over to ZACQ8’s XDA thread. You will want to snag the zip file and open it up. Then transfer the APK inside to your device. This will give you the MIUI Launcher app. If you want to check out the app drawer you will need to snag that as a separate download to install. Give it a shot and let us know how it works out and if you missed it enough to keep as your default for a while.

Via: XDA