Did you really think I wouldn’t post this here for all of you to see? Seriously, I couldn’t hep myself. Even with less than 2 days to wait to really see the device, even a little thing like a screen protector gets me amped up. The guys over at Unwire UK have recently posted up multiple pictures of a new screen protector for the upcoming Galaxy S III. While many of you won’t find a clear plastic sheet all that amazing, it does offer up a little bit more insight tot he device. Obviously it is staying the Galaxy S III. Not that is anything new. Instead of showing of just the plastic, they were smart enough to hold it against a few various devices to illustrate its size. It easily overlaps the international Galaxy S II as you can see in the images below.

You can also see the S III is going to me curved at its corners, making less rectangular and more ovalish. If that description makes any sense to you guys at all.

Then they went and placed in on a new HTC One X… and it still overlapped, even if just slightly. The One X has a 4.7-inch screen, which means the leaks that stated the SGSIII would have a 4.8-inch screen seem pretty legit. Even if you take into account the bezel and the fact that the Galaxy devices are smooth across the whole face.

There is still one thing that bothers me. Of all the images of the SGSIII that have leaked, and now with this screen protector confirming the latest, what will the U.S. version look like? All the international Galaxy devices have had that home button in the bottom center. None of the US variants ever did. Could the one leaked image of the SIII sporting on-screen keys like the GNex, in fact be the U.S. model? We know something will change before it hits the states.

Source: Unwire UK Via AndroidCommunity