One of my favorite parts of Android is the apps. Sure I love my OS, I love the customization, the themes and mods, but the apps are what makes our devices truly shine. There are apps out there for everything. We have used and featured many apps on AndroidSPIN, all offered something that we thought you guys might like to see and pick up for yourself. Well, we have another one for you that we couldn’t help but share with you. We can’t take any credit for finding this application though, that all goes to  at AndroidPolice.

The app is called NotifierPro. In a nut shell, it provides an onscreen pop up of your incoming texts, twitter, Facebook, GTalk and any other application that notifies you of something via the notification bar on your device. When you get a new message it pops up right at the top of your screen with a quick preview of the message. You can swipe it to clear the message from the screen. The pop up will happen during full screen apps like games or while you’re cruising Google Currents, which allows you to see what just came in without needing to exit the app you are currently in. One of the more annoying aspects of my life.

That isn’t what makes this app so unique as compared to others. In the settings there are a number of things you can switch around and change to your liking. Making the app extremely customizable. For instance you can change where the notification appears – below the status bar, on top of the status bar, bottom of the screen or in the center of the screen. You can also set the timeout and if you want it to turn your screen on when a new notification roll’s in. You also get to set which apps you want NotifierPro to display. Since I get loads of emails daily, those can wait. I am most interested in text message and GChat conversations, so I disabled all other apps but those two.

The application also has a variety of themes you can download and install to give it a more personalized look. While many of them are free, there are a few that will require you to purchase them.

Everything we touched on above is all available in the free version of the app. If you want even more customization and functionality there is also a ‘Plus’ version. That will give you plenty of other options such as the use of Emoticons, Text Position, Size, Contact pictures, Gesture behaviors and much more. The Plus version can be purchased directly through the free version through the settings, or you can just snag both of them now through the QR codes below. Go check it out and let us know what you think.

Application: NotifierPro
Developer: Productigeeky
Cost: FREE

Application: NotifierPro Plus
Developer: Productigeeky
Cost: $2.63

Great find Eric, thanks for sharing!