In the hustle and bustle of Samsung’s big event and announcement, a lot of other things are going on in the world. Samsung slipped another goody out to the world for those that are source code hungry monsters. They have just made the Ice Cream Sandwich source code for the Galaxy Tab 2, the 7 and 10 inch models, available for download. While this isn’t huge news for the average consumer, for the developers and those that choose root and use custom ROM’s this is a great thing. If you want to get your grubby little coding fingers on the source now, head over to Samsung’s opensource center. You will be looking for the following 6 models, depending on which one you want to work with –

Galaxy Tab 2 7″

  • GT-P3100
  • GT-P3110
  • GT-P3113

Galaxy Tab 2 10.1″

  • GT-P5100
  • GT-P5110
  • GT-P5113

Good luck and happy coding guys.

Source: AndroidPolice