There is nothing like having the latest and greatest Android super phone in your hands. Well, except maybe having an unlocked version of it so you are free to do what you wish. With the Samsung Galaxy S III scheduled to start hitting a plethora of markets internationally by the end of the month, and the U.S. this summer, it shouldn’t surprise many of you that the device is already up for pre-order. We are seeing it land at places like Carphone Warehouse and even at Amazon UK and Amazon DE (Germany). Both sites are offering the pebble blue or the marble white. It is also the 16GB model, with no listing for the 32GB version. According to AndroidPolice, the 32GB is exclusive to Vodafone UK for the time being in the UK. We aren’t sure what Germany is doing.

If you are the type that keeps out of lengthy contracts and like unlocked straight from the manufacturer devices, now is a good time to get your name on that pre-order list. German’s are looking at a price of EUR 588.90 ($766.34) while UK purchasers are looking at £499.95 ($806.67) per order. Anyone overseas getting their order in, or are you gonna wait and do up a contract?

Below we have our link for the UK pre-orders. For the German readers among us, hit the link below labeled Germany.

Germany Samsung Galaxy S III Pre-Orders

Source: Android Police


  • jeff donuts

    a bit pricey for me. ill wait til it drops

  • Lookatbowen

    Definitely too expensive. Some sucker will buy it and hate it then sell it off cheap on ebay. I picked up a brand new unlocked Samsung Galaxy S II just after it was released for £360. Bargain!