Those of you that have the “phoneblet” the Galaxy Note, probably already get pretty decent battery life for such a big phone. But for those of you that have your faces in that 5.3 inch screen all day, might want to get some extension in your battery. In comes Mugen of course, giving the Note a 5400mah powered battery. Now this battery is going to add some girth to your phone, but you guys should not have any complaints since it is already HUGE. The battery comes with its extended door that sports the kickstand, so nothing to worry about there.

So you Note takers out there that need some extra power for your flying saucer, head over to Mugen’s website and get this battery for about 100 bucks.

Mugen’s Website

  • jeff donuts

    still not as bad as the thunderbolt one. that thing looks freaking hideous and stupid with a huge ass hump on the back

  • FILA

    pretty nice and you gain a kickstand, something more phones should have