This morning T-Mobile Senior Vice President, Brad Duea, sat down for an interview and hinted at something new in the works. A new effort to put more video content in the hands of their customers without the fear of blowing up your data caps or limits. Giving customers a custom application that would be paid for by in app advertisements and sponsors to give T-Mobile smartphone customers a place to stream media with out it effecting their data plans. Verizon has been hinting towards a similar approach as well. Since most data plans don’t offer real unlimited data and a person can easily hit their 5GB plans in a matter of days watching videos, this would be pretty awesome.

T-Mobile’s Mr. Duea said the goal of new video offerings that don’t count against data plans would be to get customers interested in consuming more data, and set T-Mobile’s plans apart from those of other carriers.

“On certain plans, we actually could include special channels and not count the data,” Mr. Duea said. T-Mobile is developing a video channel that would be shown on its smartphones and carrying T-Mobile ads and device tips alongside entertainment programming, he said. The cost of the data, he said, could be paid for by the content providers, advertising sponsors or by T-Mobile itself.

This idea and plan s not without its limitations though. For one, it would be another bit of bloatware added to your device. They may make it a Play Store app, but highly doubtful. The second issue we see will be the content. Google and Netflix already have a hard enough time locking down good content, what could T-Mobile bring? I don’t see big blockbuster titles or high-profile TV episodes being available. If they have enough money coming in from advertisements some studios might cave and offer deals on content, but it is going to be an uphill battle to bring something like that for free to consumers. There isn’t any dates mentioned or even programming outed yet, so I suppose we will have to just wait and see how they plan to handle things.

If they can bring in great new movies and popular TV shows, would in app ads bother you enough to not keep the app? Especially if it doesn’t affect your data plan?

Source: Tmonews