SGH-T999 model spotted in Samsung Galaxy S III walkthrough, might be T-Mobiles Model


Ok, so this isn’t all that big, but it leads to some interesting speculation, hopes and dreams. Seems a tipster at Tmonews picked up on something in a hands on walk through of the Samsung Galaxy S III that AndroidPolice did. When they open up AllShare Play it lists a number of devices that they have already connected to. The service lets you connect up to six various devices that support the AllShare Play program and allows you to snag files from other devices quickly and easily. While many of us already know all of this, what was discovered was a listing for a SGH-T999 device model number. That is the naming scheme for Samsung T-Mobile devices. The T999 doesn’t exist yet, the T959 was the Vibrant, the T959V was the Vibrant 4G and the T989 is the Galaxy S II. The T999 was rumored to be the Galaxy Nexus for T-Mobile, but it is a little late to the game for them to launch the Gnex. We are banking more on it being the  Samsung Galaxy S III. It definitely falls in line with their device numbers and would be a better choice at this point in time.

While all of this is pure speculation, we can all only hope. We know Samsung is dropping the Galaxy S III across the globe and it should be landing here in the sates sometime this summer. Don’t try to hold your breathe for the announcements, it is a ways off. We have no doubt that all four of the big players will be launching their Galaxy S III, it is all just a matter of time.

Source: Tmonews via AndroidPolice walkthrough

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  • jeff donuts

    i already made a decision of never buying carrier branded phones again

    also are u guys aware of the spam being posted in the comments?

    • FILA

      Im seriously considering the T-Mobile Galaxy Nexus. Im gonna go to a Verizon Store tomorro to play with it first. I hate Samsung, but Im almost sold on it. I want the X, but by the time I dick around with T-Mobile and then wait for a stock ROM for the X, hell itll be 2013. I cant wait any longer

      • jeff donuts

        dont u mean an unlocked galaxy nexus? theres no official tmobile galaxy nexus. by the way they sell them in the play store for 400$ unlocked for use on tmobile or att

        • FILA

          Thats what Im talking about, an unlocked GSM nexus thru Google Play, so I can use it on T-Mobile

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