Just last week we let you lucky N7000 Galaxy Note owners know that Samsung was starting to roll out the Premium Suit, ICS, to some regions. We also let you know that CM9 experimental builds were out. We are certain that made a few of you guys pretty excited about both bits of news. Now we find out that CyanogenMOD 9 has officially been added as a nightly and is available. Yes, that is right, now you can snag up the cutting edge CM9 ICS builds for your Note and make it even cooler than it already is. Not a terrible way to start your Monday is it? Be sure to hit up cyanogenmod’s download center to snag the most current nightly build available. With nightly builds there are chances of issues that will be worked out. Be sure to keep up to date with the newest build until you are happy with everything.

Source: AndroidPolice

  • FILA

    When Sammy releases Note2 (you know they will) I only hope they get rid of there crappy 4 Android touch buttons in replace of all touchscreen like the galaxy nexus. Put some stock on it, and itll be a killer device, with a little more battery and next gen processor!