vibranturk has released an update to Doc`s Master ICS. The latest version is now 12.1.

This release is supported on the following Device(s):
– Samsung Galaxy S: T-Mobile Vibrant

V12 to V12.1 Changelog:
-Modem changed KJ1 to KB5
-LuminousDots and DeepSea LWP added (Leaked from S3)
-MIUI weadher added
-TiBu updated


Please read installation from op before and if you get no signal or unknown basband flash KB5 modem from here:…&postcount=592

V12 Changelog:
-AOKP base updated to latest…More info:
-I9020 KJ1 Modem
-Latest Subzero Kernel – Vibrant Spesific
-Latest Glitch Kernel – SGS and Cappy Spesific
-New deep black and colored bootanimation
-Added “Search Key” to “Recent Apps” Mod – Vibrant and Cappy Spesific
-Camera has timer function now…
-FFC Mod Fixed – Vibrant Spesific
-Front Camera fixed – SGS Spesific
-FaceUnlock removed -SGS Spesific
-S30Datafix script added for low memory issue…But it may break TIBu..For this reason Titanium Backup users should tick the Preferences > Troubleshooting settings > Follow all symbolic links option
-Adblocking hosts updated…
-Some ringtones duplicating issue fixed…
-Some theming changing…More Black…More Blue…More Transparency
-Changed stock contacts…Theming changing also…
-Changed stock messaging apps…New fatures: emoji`s support and picture notification in status bar when recieving a text…
-TW Clock Save and Cancel buttons not looks clear issue fixed…
-SGS2 Digital Clock Multilang different color issue Fixed…Thanks to another Turk dev Burakgon…more info:….php?t=1646246
-Some icons changed with SGS3 icons…
-SGS3 Flipboard added
-CM9 Music replaced with Inverted Play Music
-MIUI Music updated – Now comes with widget
-Sony Launcher updated…New features:…&postcount=627
-Apex Launcher updated to latest
-File explorer updated to v2.3.7.32 and Colored ICS Black themed…More info:….php?t=1523691
-Swype beta updated to latest and license fixed…
-SuperSU updated to 0.89…More info:…24&postcount=3
-Inverted Market updated to latest 3.5.19
-Inverted Twitter updated
-ExDialer and themes updated
-TiBu updated
-MIUI Home-Lockscreen removed
Maybe some more that i dont remember now…

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