Apparently this was a pretty big weekend for users and developers alike. The Samsung Galaxy S III official Firmware was leaked out and it didn’t take long for some to tear into it and start pulling APK’s and various other goodies for testing. The S-Voice app was ripped out and installed on a variety of different devices with ease. The APK didn’t need any modification of any sorts to get it up and running. Seems Samsung wasn’t all that keen on the app being used on other devices, even if it was another Samsung product. Since its leak, Samsung has blocked the app from functioning properly on anything that is not a Galaxy S III. Of course that isn’t always easy. If you are smart enough to change your build.prop file to reflect a GT-I9300, all is well. That can of course lead to other potential issues though.

Eventually it will be more work for Samsung to fill in holes then it will to just let it live free. More than likely it won’t matter a whole lot once the device is officially in the hands of users across the globe and custom ROM’s start popping up. It would be great to have S-Voice on my Vibrant, but having one cool new app isn’t going to make me not want the S III. Anyone out there snag the app earlier and see issues not being able to use it now?

Source: PocketNow and XDA

Update: New APK out and about works just fine. Click HERE to download


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  • Trey Bailey

    Hey man, just wanted to thank you for this. I too have a vibrant and have tried the app. It works, but I can only say 1 thing at a time and then it just freezes. I like the app/idea though. P s I am running I c s on my phone