Samsung said they were going to take the Galaxy S III global as fast as possible, but some of us were a little worried as to what that might mean for the U.S.  Of course the possibilities of the SGSIII landing states side with a quad-core Exynos processor is slim to none. What we did know though was that it would be stupid for all four of the major U.S. carriers to pass up this device. With pre-orders already well over 9 million and climbing, they know it is going to lock down a lot of contracts when it lands.

Not to long ago we saw the SIII clear Bluetooth SIG for AT&T (SGS-I747M) and T-Mobile (SGS-T999V). That nailed down the launch for both major GSM players. Now we catch the device clearing for Sprint (SPH-L710) and Verizon (SCH-I535), rounding out a new SIII for all major players.

What is left to know? Well, there are few major things left to find out. Which carrier will be the first to announce and launch the device, and what will each carrier variant offer. Will they go for three softkeys like HTC or onscreen keys like the Nexus. While I can wait for T-Mobile to release theirs, there is still that nagging wonder of what each carrier will add or change before launch to make their device just different enough to bring in the customers.

Some felt the secrets and the waiting game ended when Samsung finally announced the device, but it only just beginning. Will you jump ship if another carrier launches first, or will you hold out until your current carrier brings the device to market?

Source: AndroidPolice and Phandroid 


  • jeff donuts

    what im wondering is if there gonna sport onscreen buttons on capacitive ones. i want OEM to follow the ICS guidelines