We are sure you have seen Team Carbon floating around the Play Store, various forums and even here on AndroidSPIN a few times. They have a serious number of themes for GO Launcher, CM7 and recently added in CM9 too. The team does a great job of customizing every aspect they can along with updating their themes with changes and new additions. This kind of behavior goes a long way with their followers and customers. It shows too, hitting 1 million active installs is a pretty impressive feat if you ask us. So whats a great theme team to do when they reach a mile stone? Offer up a discount on their paid versions. They didn’t just discount 1 or 2 of their paid themes, instead they have discounted the entire paid collection of CM7 and their recent CM9 themes. For those of you like hard numbers, that takes those themes from $2.99 to $1.99.

With such a great collection of themes for CM7, it would be silly for us to post them all here. Instead, we will toss out a few links below to a couple and you can take a look at them in the Play Store.  Go congratulate Team Carbon on their Facebook page.

CM9 –

SteelBlue NG 

BloodRed NG

CM7 –

Electric Cyan 

Skull Gray

Deep Purple