Unless you have been living under a rock lately, then you should be fully aware that Google recently added the Samsung Galaxy Nexus to the Play Store for purchase. Yes, the unlocked GSM model of the Nexus is available directly from Google for only $399.00. Not a bad price considering we have seen unlocked devices hitting $700 and $800. We personally didn’t notice the new tab on the left hand side of the online Play Store that says “Devices” until about a week ago. We are willing to bet that fills up shortly when the Nexus tablet and other manufacturer Nexus devices become available.

You aren’t hear to talk about the Gnex though. You are here because the title stated accessories are now being sold in the Play Store. They are, not that you would have noticed them unless you clicked through to devices though. As of right now you can order yourself a vehicle dock, HDMI Portrait desktop dock or desktop dock with pogo pin. Whats even better, these are the official ones from Samsung and cost much less. For instance, the Pogo dock is $89.99 from Samsung while through Google Play, it’s only $54.

It is a start isn’t it. Pretty soon the Play Store will be your go to online retail store for everything we need for our devices. Check out the accessories via the Google Play today.

Via +Android

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