Updates are always a great way to start and/or end your day. Be it an update to an app or a software update for your device, we love them all. Currently their are reports of an update rolling out to AT&T’s HTC One X. It moves the device to software version 1.85.502.3, which was the leaked version from a few weeks ago. The Update doesn’t do any major damage, but it doe address and fix a few issues that many are suffering from.

  • Wi-Fi Connectivity Improvement – improves operation when a device leaves Wi-Fi coverage.
  • Wi-Fi Throughput (Speed Increase)
  • AT&T Address Book fixes – Contacts formatting when synced to AAB

Some fairly annoying issues if you ask us. The update file is weighing in at 64.55MB, so it isn’t too large. Your standard data connection should handle it quite easily, but if you worry about your caps then be sure to put it on hold until you have a stable Wi-Fi connection available. If you haven’t seen the update OTA hit your notification bar yet you can always attempt to prompt it by heading to Settings > About Phone > Software Updates. As always, the update will break root.

Source: AndroidCentral