While those of us here in the states wait for our Samsung Galaxy S III device to finally be available, those lucky overs overseas are already getting things opened up and ROM’d out. It should be no real surprise to many that the CM9 is already up and running on the flagship device. That means that the U.S. variant should be gaining that same luxury very soon. While CM9 nightlies are the latest and greatest, there are often times a few issues here and there. Currently the build has 3 primary conflicts.

  • FM Radio: currently not supported, try Spirit FM from market
  • Using flash in camera causes problems.
  • LED is not being lit when charging.

The camera flash issue is probably the more detrimental issue on the device. We are sure it will be fixed soon though. It sure is amazing how fast these developers can work their magic on a new device. For those of you sporting the I9300 and who are ready to kill off the Touch-Wiz and make your new device scream, head over to XpLoDWilD’s XDA thread for all the information and links needed to get started.

Source: XDA