As you all know Google I/O is well under way. We have seen the Nexus 7 tablet, the Nexus Q, updates to the Play Store which includes Magazines, TV shows and the ability to buy Movies, and lets not forget the announcement of Jelly Bean and the SDK.

Speaking of the SDK, we all know what the wonderful devs pull out of there for instant use don’t we? Pretty much anything they can find after it downloads. The first thing to land over at XDA is the wallpapers that Google has created for Jelly Bean. The file is 2.2mb’s and contains 12 various wallpapers all found in the new Jelly Bean SDK. If you want a little dash of Jelly Bean now, this is a great way to snag a little somthing. Hit the link below to download the zip file now.

Jelly Bean Wallpapers from the SDK