It has defintely been an amazing day in the Android world. The unveiling of the Nexus Tablet, Jelly Bean, and a bunch of updates to our Google apps. Google Maps got a nifty little update today. The update gives us the ability to view maps even when you do not have a data signal to connect to. Now that is a pretty nice feature to have. If you get lost in a bad reception area, you can have your map already downloaded in your phone to guide you out of that dead zone.

Basically how it works is, you click settings then click offline mode. You then are given a box that highlights a certain area of the map that you can download. Simple as that. So if you are about to fall in to one of those dead zones, and know that you are really going to need directions, you will have to download that section of the map you want first. Nothing hard about that. So if you have not updated your Maps yet, get into the Play Store and do so. Check the video down below for a how it exactly works.

  • FILA

    Doin it right now as i type. I was hoping Google would actually allow you to select states or US regions, but they dont. The whole box selection is limited to like 80MB at a time or so which is like a 100 square mile or so, so I had to do like 6 boxes around the Baltimore/Maryland region just to be safe!