It has only been about 24 hours since the first leak of Jelly Bean that was strictly for the GSM Galaxy Nexus, and developers have been on a frenzy. Not only have they ported JB to the Verizon GNex, but the ACS Developers have successfully ported the lovely Android 4.1 to Sprint’s version of the GNex. So now the entire Gnex family gets the chewy treat early, with a pretty stable and mostly everything working ROM. So if you are Sprint and have that pure Google phone, head done to the thread below and get you some of that buttery Jelly Bean. Let us know how it is.

Download Thread

  • Joe Black

    Not worth the port issues that comes with it. ICS is good for now. :)

  • Edfunkycold

    Well worth it, JB makes ICS feel like Windows 2000. Much much better user interface, zero issues or glitches on a port of a leak. The best OS I have ever used on any android.