When a new OS drops, developers start pulling whatever they can out of the system dump. Just think kids going after the candy after one of them smashed open that huge piñata. One awesome feature that was pulled for Jelly Bean was Google Sound Search. Also known as “Google Ears”,  Google Sound Search is a nice little widget that once pressed, it would listen to any song being played and find out the name, album it is from, and the artist who made it. Now of course this just sounds like the app Shazaam, but Shazaam does not quite do it like this.

Now I am a huge fan widgets, and I must say, this one is one of the prettier ones on my phone. Now Shazaam is great and all, but what Sound Search does is directs you where to buy it in the Play Store. It also seems twice as fast when finding the song. Some of that Jelly Bean quickness we all drooled over during the demonstration at Google I/O. So if you want to give it try, click the link below. I assure you, you will not be disappointed. Let us know how you like it.

Update – There seems to be a bit of a headache for people using the download location that was provided. We apologize for the inconvenience. Getting through some of those multiple systems can get to be a bit annoying. We went a head and downloaded the file from the original source location and have provided a new download that will directly download the file. Just hit up the link below and it should start immediately for you.

Direct Download 

  • Rick

    The download link you posted isn’t

    • David Pena

      Try it again

  • John

    Leads to junk and ads. Can’t seem to get to any download