A little bit of good news for those of you still rocking the HTC Droid Incredible S out there, looks like you have some ICS love coming through. That’s right, you guys should start to see a OTA landing on your device starting now through the next few weeks. Bringing your device up to Android 4.0.4 along with Sense 3.6. As always you will want to have over 50% battery on your device before you attempt to install the update and make sure you have more than 250MBs of available space too.

On the not so great part. The ICS update rolling out is currently only available for the international GSM variant of the device. Verizon’s version is most likely sitting at Verizon waiting for them to bloat it up and test it. No saying how long that might take. That doesn’t mean the devs won’t pull the GSM version and get it kicking for you anyways though.

Source: Phandroid