Androidinsomnia has released an update to IceColdSandwich aokp. The latest version is now 8.2.

This release is supported on the following Device(s):
– HTC myTouch 4G (Glacier): T-Mobile

What`s New in 8.2
fixed camcorder rec in 480p mod – thanks to existz for his patched toolchain
enable Led notifications by default in ROMControl
updated Apex to 1.2.3
fixed LED notification issues – BIG thanks to claude96 and a little thanks to pnoire for testing!!
fixed torch toggle FC, without logcat and device!
used new toolchain compiled by existz that has numerous fixes and optimizations so that we don`t have to use any precompiled libs
updated qcom proprietary libs (Adreno libs)
updates to libcore, webkit and frameworks_base – existz
weather: make cardinal directions translatable (wind direction) – AOKP
now finally we don`t have prebuilt audio libs and
new bootanim from Kenny94, well it`s old but redesigned a little, also smaller than previous by 2MB

Change log 7.4 final stripper edition

added custom weather condition translaion option (only in strings.xml for every language)
added “Kill-all”-button to recent apps – by Rdlgrmpf
fixed some features in ROMControl
added new features to Phone.apk settings
added lockscreen wallpaper to pattern and pin lc – AOKP
fix mute volume states always being checked – AOKP
updated BT support for some players
updated MMS app with emoji icons support
added Ukranian keyboard T9
added more carrier text options – info:
removed horizontal style switcher from ROManager to eleminate FCs
tweaked UI frame rate and touch response in build.prop
updated Mms.apk – custom vibrate option fix
updates to USB tethering
Add a `Mark All Messages Read` button to all message lists.
Message Access Profile (MAP) (Bluetooth and MMS app)
added Ad-hoc option to wifi settings – CM
updated NovaLauncher to 1.1.2 final
new kernel 9.6.1 BFS (lot`s of fixes and improvements.. (enabled swap per request))
some other fixes all around in apps and base
added more sync times in email app – CM
added build date to settings/about – by Chezebel
updated gapps to 20120429
used stock market app (Phonesky.apk) instead of modded one
new proprietary Adreno files from CAF
fixed Browser flash bugs
modded Mms and Contacts app with inverted colors – by TUN_SD
added option to disable sound on volume change with volume buttons – CM
maybe fixed “stuck” statusbar clock – AOKP
added new options to mobile data linit – CM
added system volume option to Settings/Sound – CM
fixes to fonts in Settings/Profiles – CM
use Holo theme for ActivityPicker Dialog – CM
a lot of patches to frameworks_base regarding video playback and compatibility
fixes to dalvikvm – thanks to existz for picking them from CAF
fixes to sqlite3
updated Torch app
updated GooManager
updated ApexLauncher to 1.1.1
probably forgot somethig + new bugs added 

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