Is it me, or is Google pushing out Jelly Bean as fast as they can? It is not me! Google is being awesome with their new baby, and pushing it out to fly on its own as quickly as they possibly can. We saw it at Google I/O a whole two weeks ago, and phones are already receiving it and the source is dropped. I have never seen them push an OS out like this. They are trying to get that butter out there, and now they are already updating the two devices that already have it, the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7 tablet.

No official change-log for this update has been reported, but some have mentioned seeing the appearance of Google Wallet with this update. Kind of funny though, since the tablet does not have its own cellular  radio it will not be able to be taken anywhere to use Google Wallet. Mainly for Gnex use I suppose. This update started rolling out today and it is a small size of 12.6 mb. So be on the lookout you lucky users with the chewy candy, and let us know what else you find with it.

Source: XDA Developers

  • Scruffy Bob

    Regarding the Google Wallet comment – it might not be as silly as it seems. Places that would participate the the Google Wallet rollout also are very likely to offer wi-fi to their patrons.

    • FILA

      do you need some type of data to use Wallet?

      • FILA

        nevermind guess i answered my own question using the power of google!

        “Do I need a network connection to make payments with Google Wallet?
        No, you do not need a network connection to make payments with Google Wallet, but your phone will need to be powered on.”

        • FILA

          and just like that. they must of took it off the FAQs, i got my answer from a forum which he got his answer off Google Wallet FAQs at some point ago, damn, so we still dont know

        • FILA

          and just like that i found on a XDA post, Wallet does not require a data connection or any connection to make a purchase, so there you have it, care to take my word on it