Just yesterday, we a got a little tease of CM10 running on an LG Optimus 4X HD, and tonight…we have Cyanogen’s Jelly Bean running on the ASUS Transformer Prime. I must say, CM10 is showing up on some random devices. You would think we would see it running on the Galaxy Nexus or even the Galaxy S III. No, this time the crazy developers decided to put it on the Transformer Prime in another “teasefest” that is going to get us all excited.

In the video, we first get a glimpse that yes, this is in fact CM10, which is Android 4.1.1. Then we get to look at the camera, kind of like the other video. Much being shown about the camera I guess, probably because usually there is always a problem with the camera on a new build. He then takes video, then plays it back, which runs super smooth. Then we get a look at the YouTube app, which looks so sexy on the Prime. Makes me want to fork over some coins to purchase it. So check out the video below of the buttery goodness. Let us know what you think.