ClockworkMod Recovery released for Galaxy R and Galaxy Nexus


The fella’s over at XDA had a great realization. With the influential software release of Jelly Bean, why not come out with a new recovery system to tag along? There answer, ClockworkMod Recovery Alpha.

Since custom backups, ROMS’s and other flashing utilities are becoming so common to the average Android user, it is almost “essential” to update the main system of  flashing.

So, which devices officially got support for the new software upgrade? None other than the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, tagging along aside the Galaxy R i9103.

Now it might seem like this is an upset for other users, but with the great knowledge and support of XDA forum users and developers, this list will grow quickly. Hopefully to later accompany such great devices like the Galaxy S III and HTC One S.

If you are not a fan of the “touch-based” or “non-touch-based” CWMR version, the developers have thought of a solution. And that is, by providing both! At this time, the Galaxy R only offers touch capability.

Since this is an ALPHA build, there may, and usually are, some hiccups. Best thing to do is ride the wave until a BETA build, or future update come along.

Will this help you out with your Nexus flashing desires? Do you think the list of devices should have been expanded before the ALPHA release? I would love to hear your comments.

ClockworkMod RecoveryVersion ALPHA build release:

Galaxy Nexus

Galaxy R


[Via: XDA]

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  • jeff donuts

    well good to know since I just bought my wife a galaxy nexus. Now get it to my Hercules

    • Will Gill

      Don’t worry! They will have it to a variety of devices in no time…

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