Get a free $25 Google Play Store credit on your Nexus 7!


I think just about everyone loves money, and more than that, free money. Well, if you are interested in this type of deal, you might want to check out Google’s ‘current’ offer.

You are in luck if you have purchased a Nexus 7, and have completed the first startup. Because after entering your GMail credentials, Google will reward you with a $25 Play Store credit, for free. This is just for logging in with a Google account!

There is even a small bypass, to receive multiple credit offers. Upon startup you will only be allowed to enter a single Google account, until navigating to “Account Settings”. To get by this “road-block” that Google has set up, you must factory reset your Nexus 7 device and enter another GMail account at the startup.

By performing this process numerous times, you could have a “bunch” of credits. However, beware because by doing this, because you may be violating Google’s Terms of Service, which could ban your accounts. In no way do we provoke “evil schemes”.

Now that you have been warned though, it shouldn’t cause a major problem with Google, so you “should” be fine. Happy Play Store credits!


[Via: Android Police]

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Will Gill
I have the experience of creating and writing Android news material for a year now. I found that the subject of Android is far more interesting, as you finally grasp the full intention of what is was really created for, open-source freedom software diversity. I currently sport a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, with the addition of JellyBean.

  • FILA

    Then you have paid for apps under different account names. Be a mess

  • dboftlp

    This is a pretty irresponsible post.

  • Google Admin

    Google has worked out how to stop this problem. If you try this and for some reason it works, your account will be banned within 24h. Thank-you for bringing this to Google’s attention.

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