Handy “All-in-one” toolkit developed for HTC One X


People learn at all different levels. Some like to take the easy road, while others like to learn more difficult and masterful tricks.

This applies to the Android development world as well. Some XDA Forum members/ developers have come out with a great little computer application, acting as an “all-in-one” tool. And what does it do? Just about anything.

This download is especially good for people who are not as “well-versed” in modifying software, or just want to save a little time. What is common about this custom software, is that there capabilities of simple tasks including rooting, flashing recovery, etc. are included.

Here is the full “changelog” for the toolkit, from XDA Developers:

Flash Kernels & Modules
Flash Recoveries
Reboot The Phone
Reboot Into Recovery/Bootloader
Kernel Repack – Phone on Android with USB Debug Enabled – No Need For The Recovery
MultiKernel Repack
Repacked output Format Kernel.Ramdisk.IMG
One Click Root
Reworked Module Flasher
Decreased/Removed some delays
Fixed Faux Module Unzipping Problem
Added RUU Zip Flashing Ability – For Advanced Users

For any HTC One X owner, this is definitely a keeper on your desktop. This should also rid away of those fears of rooting your phone and using recovery, because the software basically does it for you. Thank you to “thunder07” over at XDA.

What do you think of the features packed into this toolkit? Is it worth having if you are a One X user? I would love to hear your comments.

[Via: XDA Developers]

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Will Gill
I have the experience of creating and writing Android news material for a year now. I found that the subject of Android is far more interesting, as you finally grasp the full intention of what is was really created for, open-source freedom software diversity. I currently sport a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, with the addition of JellyBean.

  • Fernando Alas

    I think the toolkit is very convenient, it seems like a must have! I will definitely download and check it out.

  • http://www.bestsauna.ca Denis Bernier

    I really want to buy the HTC One X phone, but I just found out that Android does not offer any name display on the caller if that caller is not already listed in the cell phone book.
    I have a business, if I receive a miss call from someone and I decide to call back that number, I want to see who this person is before making the call back.
    Apparently Android phones does not offer name display, only number display.
    My provider is Rogers/Fido.ca Canada
    Can anyone confirm no name display on the HTC ONE cell phone ?

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