The talk of the town was once all about dual-core processors. While a great number of devices, especially here in the states, are still focusing on dual-core, a quad-core device is the new rage. For instance the Samsung Galaxy S III overseas and the HTC One X for example. We all know by now why they didn’t make it stateside. Unlike Samsung and NVIDIA who jumped from dual to quad n a hurry, Qualcomm took their time. Knowing that dual-core was just as powerful and could use plenty of tweaking to give it some amazing performance. That would be the Qualcomm S4 we find in the U.S. variants of the S III and One X. They perform pretty darn well actually.

That doesn’t mean Qualcomm isn’t going to bring us a quad-core chip though. Recent benchmarks of the new APQ8064 Snapdragon S4 Pro is quickly making the current competition look like dual-core processors. Take a look.

The S4 out does every device and every processor currently in use. The S4 Pro won’t be finding its way into any devices that a traditional consumer can purchase just yet though. With Qualcomm’s continuous strive for perfection and the best possible power consumption to speed ratio’s, we can’t wait till they get these things in the next-gen tablets. Preferably sooner rather than later.

Now, are benchmarks the best way to test a processor and are they reliable enough to formulate an opinion about? Not always. Many people have steered clear of benchmark scores simple because we have seen some that are stellar but the software and bloat slow down the performance. We are certain that the S4 Pro will be a stellar chip regardless of if these scores change and get lowered or not.

Source: GSMArena and Engadget