The constant battle between Android, the Play Store, developers, Google and carriers is one that makes certain parties look really bad. Yesterday Verizon was ordered to pay up $1.25 million because they actively blocked tethering apps in the Play Store. Now it appears that AT&T is up to a new trick. As Russel Holly over at recently discovered, AT&T is actively blocking users from streaming rented or purchased movies from the Play Store. While you can still kickback and watch your purchase via WiFi, you are blocked from using the cellular network to do it.

Russel points out that all other avenues work just fine like HBOGO, Netflix and YouTube, just not movies or shows through the Google Play Movies app.

Is AT&T back on the “Our network is overloaded” kick and looking for anything they can do to help bring consistent data back to subscribers? Maybe they have some sort of movie purchasing and rental system up their there sleeves that they want to push to AT&T customers. No matter there reasoning or justification, this is unacceptable. If a customer is paying for data, they should get to use it. Especially when it is coming through from a legal and legitimate source like Google Play Movies.

Have any other AT&T customers experienced this issue? Maybe AT&T will do a back pedal and offer up some sort of ‘technical issue that was resolved” sort of statement.

Source: Geek via OMG