We all love games. Be it a fancy space shooter, am intense first person shooter to a puzzle strategy game. No matter your favorite style or type of game, we love games. Some of the more popular games that seem to cross bridges from one die-hard style fan to the next are puzzle games that are done right. Those games that take a moment of your time to think about before you beat a level. The ones that take something as simple as collecting 3 stars and makes its hard to accomplish. Cut the Rope and the Amazing Alex are good examples of this style of game play. Now a new one has landed in the Play Store that, after watching the video, prompted us to install it and alert you guys.

It is called Rotary and was developed by Andri LW. He has another game in the Play Store called Alien Plants, which also looks pretty great. We are here for Rotary though. It is sort of a mix between Cut the Rope and Brick Breaker, at least those are the games that come to my mind when playing. Using your finger you slide and pull more or less rope to and from the ball that is spinning at the end of it. The more you let out the bigger the circle and the more you pull in the smaller. Sounds simple, and it is, at first. Your goal is to get all the stars before you break all the blocks. It wouldn’t be a puzzle game without obstacles such as bombs that will destroy your ball, or switches that change the blocks colors. While I have only made it in a few levels, it would also appear that further in the game you have to break blocks in order of color. That should add a tricky twist to the game.

Rotary has 50 unique levels in 2 level packs and the dev promises new levels will be added soon. Beyond just getting your hands on the three stars in each level you have  60 unlockable achievements to pick up on the way. Your overall score isn’t just based on if you get all three stars either, there is a time element to the game too, but you don’t have a timer or anything to work off of.

We didn’t see any ads in the app, other than a pop up at the top of the screen for his other game, Alien Plants. It really is a pretty addictive game that can keep you occupied for hours, or for a short bus ride. No matter what style of gamer you are, you should check this one out. It is easily worth the time to install since the dev made the game free.

Application: Rotary
Developer: ANDRI LW
Cost: FREE

Original found in our forums