While Jelly Bean and CyanogenMOD 10 is hot on every ones minds, let us not forget about CyanogenMOD 9. That is the name of the AOSP built version of Ice Cream Sandwich that the CM team has been diligently working on since Google released the source code. Since then a number of devices have all received nightly builds that plenty of people have used and have been stable enough for daily drivers. But a nightly can still offer up a few issues for some and not for others. While they have been great, nothing is quite as satisfying and seeing the ‘stable’ label next to the download.

As it sits right now, CM9 is in stable format for 45 devices. Covering Samsung, Sony, LG, ASUS, HTC and Motorola. Check the list below for each device.


  • Google Galaxy Nexus International (maguro)
  • Google Galaxy Nexus Verizon (toro)
  • Google Galaxy Nexus Sprint (toroplus)
  • Google Nexus S International (crespo)
  • Google Nexus S 4G (crespo4g)
  • Galaxy S3 I9300 International (i9300)
  • Galaxy S I9000 (galaxysmtd)
  • Galaxy S I9000 B (galaxysmtdb)
  • Epic 4G Sprint (epicmtd)
  • Captivate AT&T (captivatemtd)
  • Galaxy S II I9100 (galaxys2)
  • Galaxy S II G (i9100g)
  • Galaxy S II AT&T (i777)
  • Galaxy S II AT&T LTE (skyrocket)
  • Galaxy S II T-Mobile (hercules)
  • Galaxy Note International (n7000)
  • Galaxy Note AT&T (quincyatt)
  • Galaxy Tab (p1)
  • Galaxy Tab CDMA (p1c)
  • Galaxy Tab (p1n)
  • Galaxy Tab (p1l)
  • Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 Wi-Fi 8GB (p3110)
  • Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 Wi-Fi 8GB (p3113)
  • Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Wi-Fi 16GB (p5110)
  • Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Wi-Fi 16GB (p5113)
  • Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 3G 16GB (p5100)

Sony Ericsson:

  • Xperia S (nozomi)
  • Xperia Play R800i (zeus)
  • Xperia Play CDMA R800x (zeusc)
  • Xperia Ray ST18i (urushi)
  • Xperia Arc LT15i (anzu)
  • Xperia Neo MT15i (hallon)
  • Xperia Neo V MT11i (haida)
  • Xperia Active ST17i (satsuma)
  • Xperia Mini ST15i (smultron)
  • Xperia Mini Pro SK17i (mango)
  • Live with Walkman WT19i (coconut)


  • Optimus LTE / Nitro HD (p930)
  • Optimus LTE SKT (su640)
  • Optimus Sol (e730)


  • EeePad Transformer Pad (tf300t)
  • EeePad Transformer Prime (tf201)
  • EeePad Transformer (tf101)


  • Sensation (pyramid)


  • Xoom Wi-Fi (wingray)

This marks a great achievement for the CM team. The stable build release is generally the last build made for a particular run. Now we are sure there might be a few tweaks and changes here and there, but for the most part CM9 is your go to ICS ROM for customization, speed and life for your device.  Now they comfortably move on to producing CM10 and bringing the Jelly Bean love to a stable point.

When will that be? Don’t ask. All anyone needs to know is that it is being worked on and it will come when it gets here. Best thing to do is follow their G+ page, Twitter account, Official Blog and the get.cm page for constant updates. If you missed the stable build release and are still sporting a nightly, now is just as good of a time as any to get your device updates, assuming it was listed of course. Head over to get.cm and track down your device and get it downloaded.

Source: Cyanogen Blog via XDA

  • FILA

    Im sorry, but it took them long enough. And why didnt they ever pick up the Amaze 4G. Great phone but never touched it when it was once said they would.

    • jeff donuts

      This is why I go with Samsung I don’t trust HTC (I know u can unlock the boot loader but I’d rather get one that’s already unlocked out of the box) . Also these “stable” cm9 are OK (still have bugs). I’ve had better luck with official aokp nightlies other than some ROM control features missing its way better than this cm9

    • SocalTeckinique

      I also picked up an Amaze in hopes of CM9 but its HTC’s fault with their unreleased kernel source and stupid S-On BS. Never again HTC. Will go back to Samsung.

  • barkleyfan

    Started with OG. CM was sweet. Went to DX. No CM. Went with Bolt. No CM. Went with Maxx. No CM. But radios work. Haven’t had official CM in so long I’m over it. Not worth going with Samsung. Hate their flimsy materials.

    • jeff donuts

      Really over “flimsy” materials? Ur like most women who go with the iPhone cuz they care more about the look of there phone rather than the performance. Good luck with HTC I think there’s only like one phone in that list and keep dreaming on those garbage ,locked down , worst skin, Motorola phones. Samsung is number one OEM for a reason there phones are superior to all others. They keep raking in billions in profits while HTC and friends are struggling. I thnk there was a story about HTC asking the Taiwan government for a handout

      • fuck u

        just shut up is HTC paying your bills dumbass

        • jeff donuts

          dont u mean samsung idiot and no there not paying my bills i just prefer a better phone than locked down garbage with actual support from the cm team.

        • HTC Fanboy

          How about you go jump on apple nuts u dumbass. You sound just like an I-drone user who praises a company that dont give a dam about you. Possibly one of those guys who dont have a life and lives on XDA complaining about why ICS codes havent came out. thank you Loser! lol

        • jeff donuts

          Ics? I’m on JB but u wouldn’t know since u have an HTC (fat chance u have a sensation) and don’t get support from the cm team.don’t be mad cuz ur phone has half baked vanilla roms it was your fault for choosing a phone from HTC. What can i say the cm team loves Samsung phones cuz there better and more hackable. And i barely go on xda I don’t need to be checking everyday like u to see if they fixed something on ur half baked roms, I just sit back and wait

      • HTC fanboy

        You picked a good name Mr. DoNut’s do I need to say more. Oh I got a Galaxy Nexus just for your conformation and G2 that runs jellybean so keep doing nuts! I-Drone

        • jeff donuts

          i-drone? says the guy who has a nexus the equivalent of the iphone but for android since its the “it” phone and everyone that loves android has gotta have it and that G2 is running some buggy ass JB (i bet the camera and camcorder dont work) stick to what cm gave u the 7.2 RC

  • imoves61

    Did anybody know if CM9 for ASUS TF101 is for the TF101G (3G-Variant) also?