Hey all you Samsung Galaxy Nexus owners on the ‘Now’ network. Sprint is going to be kicking you guys something pretty special this upcoming Sunday. According to leaked internal promo doc, Sprint will be offering up a FREE extended battery for your Galaxy Nexus to current and new customers. That is a $49.99 value for absolutely nothing more than being a customer with a Galaxy Nexus.

The deal appears to be valid through Sprint’s website and Sprint Telesales (1-866-866-7509). For online ordering you will need a special promocode which we haven’t been able to locate just yet. If you order through telesales they will take care of everything. You might have noticed where it says “No purchase is needed.” Meaning you don’t have to buy anything to get this offer. You do however need to have a Sprint Galaxy Nexus on your account to take advantage of it though. The offer is only going to be good while supplies last and with an offer this good, we bet supplies don’t last long.

Anyone getting up early Sunday morning to check for the code, or maybe you will skip all the waiting and call telesales at 8A.M.

Source: OMGDroid


  • FILA

    wow, thats a nice offer, wish google offer us that!!

  • Dom

    Confirmed worked on Sept 6 via telesales. Just asked for the promotion and paid about $14 in shipping. Beats $50 for the battery.

  • Todd

    Still works as of Sept 14 through telesales.