APP OF THE WEEK: BlingBoard Social Widget


Time to bring all your social media into one convenient  little widget. Now I have written about BlingBoard before when it first launched. I truly fell in love with it, and it has only gotten better with updates. If you are a big “widgethead” like I am, this is a must have widget for your homescreen.

BlingBoard Social Widget brings your missed calls, text messages, Gmail, Facebook posts, and Twitter posts, all to a pretty little widget that does not take up much space on your homescreen. When it first launched, it definitely needed some features added to it and the Jappka developer team has brought those must needed features to their creation. First by adding a 4×1 widget instead of being stuck with a 4×2 sized widget. Then they added scrollable capabilities for easy access to posts and messages. Some themes have been added, but most of them look the same and I am hoping they add more themes in the future. Other than that, I have no grievances towards this awesome widget.

So check out my video review of BlingBoard and download it in the Play Store. It is free to use, so you have got nothing to lose. Let me know what you guys think of it.

Application: BlingBoard Social Widget
Developer: Jappka
Cost: FREE

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David Pena
Been an Android nerd since the G1 days. I believe I hacked and flashed that phone into dust. Currently sport a Nexus 5 sized bulge in my pocket, which I am absolutely loving. I also host and produce The ManDroid Show every week and love talking Android to whoever wants to talk about it. So let's talk!

  • Dan Wolf

    Jappka team you are the best

  • FILA

    what weather widget is that

  • paybreda


    well. the widget seems okay. Works. nice and easy.

    the app itself does not work great. sometimes it doesn’t react on pressing the option button.
    if it does work you should see the social media items incl. the received mail or tweets for example.
    pressing the option button for the app to go to work isn’t really a naturel thing to do.

    still testing. an update could fix the issue.
    send from my sgs3.

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