While the word ‘buffering’ is well over four letter words, it is definitely a word we don’t want our phone displaying to us. Nothing is more irritating than trying to watch a show and see that infamous circle start rotating and ‘buffering’ plastered across your screen. Seems a lot of HTC EVO 4G LTE owners have been suffering from prolonged buffering issues with Netflix and YouTube. That can really hinder your desire and want to use either service.

XDA member motcher41 is a HUGE Netflix streamer and was sick of the buffering and waiting to watch something, or continue watching something. So he went in and did some digging. Root is not required to solve this problem, but can be a bit easier since you would be able to avoid an unnecessary call to Sprint.  The whole process is pretty simple and painless, and just requires some careful navigation and a simple port change. Motcher41, along with other who have left comments on the thread, seem to have been experiencing a much better streaming experience. He even states that after the switch he had zero buffering over a 3G connection. Never hurts to give it a try.

Direct you self over to Motcher41’s XDA Thread for full and detailed instructions. As always, if this results in damages to your phone, your cat being eaten or patient zero for the zombie Apocalypse  you were warned.

Source: XDA 

  • jeff donuts

    Lol this is just sprints shitty slow ass network. Who the Hell would such to Sprint on purpose?

    • FILA

      LOL I was gonna say the same you did, until I saw you beat me to it.

      This is just Sprints shitty slow ass broadband network

  • JC

    Just tried this.

  • jason

    Has nothing to do with sprint. Verizon has same issue. It is an android or youtube problem.