We all love software update news. While we prefer to hear our device is a getting an update now, the prospect and future plans of an update are just as pleasing. According to a report from CNET UK offers up little detail, but makes specific mention the Samsung has confirmed a Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy S III in October. Granted, that is a 31 day time frame, but still, a month to keep an eye out for it is better than never knowing anything.

“the Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) operating system will be available on the Galaxy S3 from October.”

In the past Samsung hasn’t been all that speedy on updates. As of late though, they have updated a number of devices across the globe with Jelly Bean though. It looks like they have learned from their past mistakes with the Galaxy S and Galaxy S II. In our eyes, it looks like Samsung is really trying to not only get phenomenal new devices to market but also keep those devices updated. This will no doubt lead to greater customer satisfaction and help keep Samsung on top of the mobile market. In order to stay on top, they need to keep things in sync. The Galaxy S III and soon to be out Note II are going to be prime examples of looks like new business strategy. Getting those devices into the hands of millions all across the globe has major benefits, but potential harmful drawbacks.

The good news though is we have already seen a number of leaks that bring the US variants up to Jelly Bean. We have every bit of faith that Samsung is working very closely with all their carrier partners to get the Jelly Bean update out to not one device, but all of them across the globe. There will probably be a small delay like a week or two possibly, but we don’t foresee anything drastic like a 3 or 6 month delay between the international update and the local US update.

Here is to hoping that Samsung and the carriers work this one out for near identical timing. It would surely bolster all companies involved and show why Samsung is king of the Android hill.

Source: CNET


  • jeff donuts

    tmobile stepping it up. first with the ics update for the s2 and now leaks of JB for the s3. where are the other carriers with leaks for there s3?

    • FILA

      Then KandyKane will come out in November! lol

  • patbreda1969

    yeah. samsung is trying hard. but still to late. pitty. first the 29 of august now october? promise iz a promise

  • philsta_84

    Patbreda; Samsung never promised a release date of Aug 29th. That was the ‘expected’ date that the android community thought. At no point was an official date even mentioned.