We have all been hearing and seeing leaks and rumors about the HTC One X+ for a while now. In all reality it is just another One X but with a Tegra 3+ quad-core processor at 1.6GHz that plays nicely with LTE bands. Nothing to major, but when the rest of the world is sporting quad-core versions of one device and we here in the U.S are only getting dual-core versions, it is a bit annoying. The filing doesn’t offer up to much new information, but does list LTE bands 2/4/5/17. Bands 17 and 4 are used by AT&T which helps peg a carrier for the device. Previous rumors had pointed to T-Mobile snagging up this device, and they may vary well be. Without us knowing which carrier uses bands 2 and 5, we can’t make any assumptions.

The HTC One X+ is still very likely to land before the year is up. NVIDIA did say they would have a quad-core LTE device in the U.S. market before the end of 2012. They best hurry things up though, there isn’t much time left before the year ends.

Will a quad-core toting variant of the One X be a good thing though? The original One X hasn’t been out for very long and HTC said they were going to slow down their production of devices that had minor spec improvements or changes. With LG looming on the horizon with a quad-core phone, the Note II right around the corner and a Galaxy S III will quad-core and LTE being talked about, HTC has no choice but to up their game to stay competitive. The end of the year is looking like a quad-core barrage. Hopefully developers can keep up and optimize their apps and games for us.

Source: Engadget  and FCC