Satechi should be a name you have heard around here a few different times. We have offered up a few reviews of some of their products like the R1 Arm Series stands, the Audio Cube Bluetooth speaker, and a few other great and affordable products. They never cease to amaze us with products that always seem to look great, sound great and work great. They have just announced another new product we are sure you will be on board to want.

The product is called the Satechi Compact USB Surge Protector. It features one regular grounded 3 prong plug for all your normal plug usage and a 1.0 amp USB charing port. It easily keeps a free plug available and lets you charge your device at the same time. Heck, you could even plug another charger into the plug and charge two at once on the same outlet. That alone makes it a pretty nice little gizmo to have around. It also has a LED light that lights up green when things are good, and goes red if it has been tripped. Anyone with ample amount of high-end electronics understands the need for a surge¬†protector. Simon can tell you first hand how he set up his office in a hurry and didn’t hook up his surge protector to his PC. The end result, a huge lightning storm that fried some of his equipment. No one wants to ruin a device.

Any who, the Compact USB Surge Protectors are available for purchase via for only $9.99. You can’t hardly pick up a regular wall charger for that price, let alone one that has an additional plug and protects your costly devices at the same time. Click the link below to pop in and pick one up. While you are there, browse around at some of their other products.

Buy – Satechi Compact USB Surge Protector

  • FILA

    1 amp, damn hardly any USB power. I’ll pass.

    Things that fried from lightning with me:
    -CRT TV
    -56k PCI modem