We are sure many of you remember that a leak from Korean Times pegged a Samsung insider as stating a Galaxy S IV was on the horizon for MWC 2013. That would have showed off the new S IV in February. Samsung was quick to counter that rumor in a tweet that flat out denied a Galaxy S IV and the rumors were not true. Mostly aimed at the February announcement and March release aspect of it. Even though it would be stupid to think that Samsung doesn’t already have ideas, plans and even potential test models of the next Galaxy device in the labs. So sure they will deny it.

Even if a rumor is denied, it still lives on in the hearts of Android enthusiasts across the globe. A Galaxy S IV will be made and it will be sold and we will see it next year. All of that is certain. Just what it is ans what it will do is going to stay a mystery for as long as Samsung can keep it confidential. So what’s the deal with this new Samsung TE4 device landing in benchmark scoring for? That is the next real mystery question. Is it the Galaxy S IV? We highly doubt it.

The TE4 is a code name of course and doesn’t really offer up much for us to speculate on. We get a little look at some of the hardware inside like a 752 x 1280 screen resolution and dual-core 1.7GHz processor and Mali-T604 GPU. The chipset is the Exynos 5 ARM Cortex-A15 CPU. That is of course all new stuff that has a huge potential for wonderful things. Just take a look at t in action from Siggraph 2012.

The Exynos 5 was also demoed at CES 2012 on a reference tablet as well. Those connected to the processor aspects of the tech world know quite a bit more about it all than I do. What I do know though is that the Exynos 5 can support a resolution of 2560 x 1600 and the Mali- T604 GPU should make for some amazing speeds as wells as gorgeous graphics.

None of this points towards a Galaxy S IV though. At least not in our book, nor in the eyes of a consumer. Let me explain, the general public doesn’t care if the new dual-core processor out performs and out does the quad-core. They also don’t care what GPU is in their phone or tablet. They should, but that information is more for tech geeks. With the Galaxy Note II launching soon with a quad-core Exynos processor and the International Galaxy S III sporting the quad-core processor, Samsung can’t go back to dual-core. At least not in a flagship device. That boat has already sailed. Their last shot for a Galaxy flagship device with the Exynos dual-core ARM Cortex A15 chip would have been the US release of the S III with it inside. So while it is pretty clear that Samsung is working on something with this technology, we are willing to bet that it isn’t going to branded as a Galaxy S IV, unless of course there is a quad-core version of the chip already being soldered on and being tested.

Now, there is a slim chance that this is what could be in-store from Samsung for the next Nexus device. But again, it is way to early to tell or to even speculate on that. If memory serves me correctly, the Exynos 5 at 1.7GHz was going to be for phones while a 2.0Ghz version was aimed for tablets. So that would rule out a tablet at this point.

Anyways, that is one mans take on the situation. What do you think? Where do these leaks take your mind?

Source: AndroidandMe



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