There is a good, a bad and an ugly side to Android. Well, to every operating system out there really. One thing that drives me nuts, and something that some users don’t even know, is how the image thumbnails are stored. These are those auto generated small sample of your pictures you see when you go to certain apps and the gallery in your phone or tablet. They are stored in /sdcard/DCIM/.thumbnails. After time, these small thumbs build up and eat up precious memory. It takes some time, and depends on how much you use your device for pictures. One thing is certain though, even though you might delete or transfer photos off your phone, the thumbs generated stay behind.

Thanks to XDA developer ppero196, there is a quick and simple little tool to help clear out the extra garbage. Doesn’t get much easier than installing the app, opening it and hitting a button does it? That’s it. That is all it does. Finished. So if you have never ever cleared out those thumbnails ever in your life, you might want to give it a whirl. You can head over to ppero196’s XDA thread for the link. Oh ya, you can also set it to remind you every month to clean out the trash.

Source: XDA

Update: The developer of this great app has just put out another new update. The app can now delete from internal and external sources. Also there is a new widget to add to your homescreen, but it looks like the button isn’t working yet. I am sure that will be fixed soon.

App now shows free space before deletion, and after clicking delete button, after deletion

Updated landscape layout for new changes


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    or just hook up by USB and delete them all