Verizon seems to be attempting to step up their game a little bit when it comes to updating some devices. We know, they were slow to the draw with the Galaxy Nexus, but still we have seen a few updates coming through for some of their tablets over the last few weeks. They listed the DROID XYBOARD and Galaxy Tab 10.1 to finally gain Ice Cream Sandwich, now they have the Galaxy Tab 7.7 showing up as well.

The update will hit as an OTA instead of being forced though Samsung Kies. Seems like Kies is used more for AT&T and T-Mobile than Verizon. You will want to make sure you have over 50% charger and a Wi-Fi connection is recommended due to file size being approximately 283.1MB. Should only take about 15 to 20 minutes to download and install. As always, during the process you shouldn’t use the tablet and while it is updating you won’t be able to use it anyways.

Anywho, the information is up over at Verizon’s Support page. The PDF’s are live, but the actual update might not be hitting devices just yet. They usually start pushing them out a few days after the info is up on the page. Keep checking and here is to hoping you can get it going this weekend.

Source: Verizon Support via Droid-Life