Google Makes a Wise Purchase

Google has been known for coming out with some great and well talked about features, many are copied by the iOS fan club and then claimed as their own, but not the facial recognition Google has been working on. Google wowed the world with their Face Unlock that debuted with ICS not long ago and now they have recently acquired a well established company that has specialized in Facial Recognition and Augmented Reality for the last 10 years for a smooth $45 mil.  So what  is the underlying reasoning behind picking up this company?  What does Google have up their sleeve that no one but Page and Brin know of?  Only time will tell, it is my opinion that they bought this company to create a greater leverage in the market in their favor, there is no OEM that has developed, gone after, or tried to create a Project (Glass) of the magnitude that Google has,  in their development of ways to integrate technology into the lives of their users and to augment this virtual reality, or normal reality virtually they have as usual stayed quite tight-lipped about most things however the dawn of the Google Glasses/Project Glass is coming, in a year or so, but it is on the horizon.  Perhaps this acquisition was to kick that timeline up a bit and bring this great project to market quicker.  I guess, as usual with Google, only time will tell.  You ever wonder if the rest of the world was as tight-lipped as Google is about their projects, what wouldn’t be known?  Just a thought, random as it may be, the world of knowing what goes on behind those closed doors would augment our reality and just make us fiend a little more for what we want and are unable to have.  Keep your eyes peeled for some cool stuff to roll out of the doors in Mountain View, well, more cool stuff anyways.  It is there, and the impending arrival is what keeps us on the edge of our seats, so whatever you do, don’t slip off as you might miss it.

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