Samsung Galaxy S III up for $99 for Verizon and Sprint, $129 for AT&T all for a limited Time


Deals are the best way to get your hands on a new device. Some times the deal is only a small reduction, other times it is enough to make you pull out your credit card and just snag it while you have the chance. This is one of those times. Right now all three carriers that are on Amazon have the Samsung Galaxy S III on sale . This might be a good time to switch providers if you have been thinking about it already. Yes, the discounted sale price is only for new single line accounts or new family accounts. I know, sad face. Still a great deal though.

Both the blue and white 16GB versions of the Galaxy S III across all three carriers areĀ eligibleĀ for the promotional sale price. It is only for a limited time, but they fail to tell us how long that is. So rather than wait for the deal to vanish, you should just go grab one. Below are links to each color for each carrier. Enjoy.

Verizon Wireless





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